Rita Sandau
Alternative Practitinioner &
Naturheilverfahren Craniosacrale Therapie Polarity-Therapie Traumaarbeit
NaturopathicT. Craniosacral Polarity Traumatherapy

"Out of Stillness comes the Power"

Life is a river with all qualities and opportunities. It gives you every moment in your life the possibility to change and recommencement. My life has changed with the start of learning Polarity. My desire and need to understand the human system leads me to other studies. Based on my own experience of disease, my life has been changed in a deeper understanding of health. My main objective is to encourage the wholesomeness (Salutogenese). This comes from the knowledge of Healthiness and the contact with the Breath of Life as an inherent ordering principle, which is an expression of the Intelligence of life itself.

I am qualified and affected by :

  • My work as a nurse and people in mental crisis
  • a natural healer since 1997
  • mother of 2 kids
  • trained in Polarity Therapy (RPP = Certificate by APTA / American Polarity Therapeutic Association) Dr.Jim Feil
  • trained in Craniosacral-Balancing by B. Tschumi and K. Gemin(CH)
  • Herbology (lfP Berlin),Autogenic Training, Ear acupuncture and Reflexzone massage
  • Educated in Somatic Experiencing)Peter Levine