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The 5 Element Nutrition in Polarity Therapy


Polarity Therapy is a holistic healing system. It consists of body therapy, a special kind of nutrition, the Polarity yoga exercises and counselling. The founder Dr. R. Stone assumed that humans are supported by a force, which forms a certain energy pattern. The 5 elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth) from Ayurveda are part of this energy pattern. They express themselves in our structure, thinking, feeling and actions and are involved in the change of health and disease. In Polarity, food is also classified under the 5 elements.Ether: food contains ether e.g. in the way food is prepared. Air: food that grows at the height of trees contains amongst others a large portion of acid. Fire: the fire element is characterised in food by protein and bitterness. Water: food that grows briefly above the soil and is characterized by a high concentration of water and salt. Earth: the earth element is represented by carbon and sweetness.During our daily activities we use energy which must be replaced by nutrition. In order to hold the body in a balance, it is important to include all elements in our nutrition. Diseases and circumstances in life however may require a purposeful emphasis on certain elements. Therefore an experienced Polarity therapist will always set up nutrition journals to analyse and compare data from physical and mental imbalances with the present food selection. An essential component of Polarity is the purification diet which enables the body to purge and detoxicate in a safe and simple way. The diet offers the opportunity to reconsider current ways of nourishment and it supports the personal commitment to a healthier way of living. It particularly affects the liver, the most important detoxication organ and supports the excretion through kidneys, intestine, lung and skin. Scoriae stored in the tissues becomes gradually diminished this way. An excess of acid and deposits in the tissues can lead to several complaints, e.g. cellulites, joint inflammation and muscle tension.
The diet can particularly be used in cases of high blood pressure, digestion disturbances, pain, overweight and rheumatism. During the purification diet you eat only selected basic reacting food.It starts in the morning with a vitality drink, which supports the liver detoxication. After 1 - 2 hours you can take a small meal like beverages, fruits, vegetables or nuts. Noon and dinner consists of raw, cooked or steamed vegetables, fruits and salad. During the day you drink a cleansing tee, which supports the purification. Depending on your own well-being this application takes usually one week or longer. Afterwards a building up period starts where ideally one of the "old" foods gets added per day. It gives you the opportunity to observe incompatibilities and reactions in your body. You don’t need to starve during the entire purification period. However during the first days symptoms like tiredness, headache or digesting disturbances may occur. These are signals of decontamination and they will vanish after approx. 3 days. At the end of the purification period you may have perhaps for the first time an idea of which food is good for you and which is not. In any case you will have many experiences, new aspects, more vitality and perhaps increased wellbeing after this process. The 5 Element Nutrition from Polarity does not represent an exclusive answer to all nourishment and physical problems. However, it can deal specifically with the difficulties of the individual person and indicate a supporting way of healing.


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