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NaturopathicT. Craniosacral Polarity Traumatherapy

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a holistic body therapy. It was founded by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1982), a doctor of natural healing, chiropractic und osteopathy. Based on this knowledge as well as decades of study of various eastern treatment methods and philosophies, he created the ideal treatment form Polarity. Thus it partakes of western knowledge of medicine, e.g working with the joints, the spine, the nervous system and the reflex zones, as well as the eastern understanding of energy centers and currents, the 5 elements and the interplay of body, mind and soul. Dr. Stone was convinced that human beings are supported by a force. This force creates a specific pattern of energy upon which the whole physical structure of the body and it’s experiences is based. They become embodied by the 5 elements from the ayurvedish tradition (ether, air, fire, water, earth) . These are found expressed in nature as well as in the human body. They are expressed in the structure, the thoughts, feelings and actions and influence changes in health and illness. In the ayurvedish system, the 5 elements are often synthesised to form the three principles or moods known as Air, Fire and Water. The Air principle controls the nerve activity and the gas function of the body. The Fire principle controls warmth and the entire metabolism process of the body and the Water principle the physical structure of the body and all alkaline body secretions. An Air imbalance for example could cause an overwrought nervous system resulting in nervousness. Someone with this imbalance might have difficulty in putting his/her ideas into action. He/She might have skin and digestion problems, as Fire would also be brought into the imbalance, etc. During the treatment, the therapist can gather all this knowledge about the functions and develop it into a scheme of treatment.

Polarity means opposites or the movement between two poles. Life is full of opposites, like day and night, love and sorrow, female-male, attraction-repulsion, above and below. Movement between these two poles is necessary for our well being and health. Blocks are created when this movement is obstructed, due e.g. to an accident, shock, fear and grief. This can lead to decreased well being, pain and illness. Reconnecting the opposite poles of the body sets the flow back into motion and allows necessary energy to reach the appropriate organs. 

Polarity Therapy consists of body therapy, the practice of movements, a special nutritional diet based on the 5 elements as well as professional counselling throughout.

The body therapy usually takes place with the client lying on a massage table. The therapist is able to perceive and then release imbalances and blocks by manipulating the body in certain ways. This may be experienced by the client as warmth or tingling. Relaxation, well being and vitality can result.

The client is recommended a program of movements and diet which supplement the treatment. In this way the client is also able to support his treatment at home.

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Soundtherapy with Tuning Forks

In ancient times sound was used in healing work, because sound enhances the process of healing. Sound therapy can be applied only or in combination with other naturopathic treatments and energy work. Tuning forks are instruments in sound therapy. They create music intervals or overtones and cause a deep resonance in the body and mind. The human body is like an instrument with a sounding body. Like tuning a piano, your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance. Listening to musical intervals the body changes its pattern relating to the frequency of the sound. Intervals also produces a sound vortex, which brings us into a stillpoint. A stillpoint is a moment of silence, where everything seems to stopp. It gives your system ( body, mind and soul) the opportunity to change.

Benefits :

  • Change the biochemistry
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Reduces a deep relaxation and centering
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Reduces pain
  • Integrate the left and right brain
  • Enhances life energy
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Enhances the immune response
  • Brings a deep silence and well-being
  • Improves mental clarity and brain functioning
  • Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration

The work with tuning forks is also sometimes called Phonophorese. It is applying of oscillations which are transferred with tuning forks on muscles, bones, organs, Chakren and different body zones.

When we listen to the sound, produced by tuning forks we stimulate our vestibular nerves and the body reacts..There are a lot of different tuning forks. I work with the solar spectrum ( 1 octvae C256 Hz to C 512 HZ), the planetary tuning forks, the fibonacci tuner, the angel tuners and the boby tuners C 128, C 64, C32.

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Craniosacral Therapy


Based on osteopathy, Dr. W.G Sutherland developed „cranial osteopathy“ at the beginning of the 20th century.  He discovered that it is possible to move the bones of the skull. During the next 50 years he learned to feel the movement of the skull bones to recognize the effects of insufficient movement on the whole body and to reinstate the harmony of movement by gentle manipulation of the bones and membranes. His clinical experience showed that change in relationship as well as the pressure in the craniosacral system did in fact  have far reaching effects on the human nervous system and on the entire body. In his elderly he dedicated his work more towards the healing process behind the movements, as a way to get in contact with the blue print of our body. He developed increasingly precise, careful and perfect method, with which many therapists today support the healing process of many people.

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle therapy form, effecting the finest inner movements of the bones and membranes. It also works directly upon the pulse system of the brain and spinal fluid. Repetition leads to the creation of a rhythm, which is felt throughout the entire body and which can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

These movements are supported by even deeper forces, also known as biodynamic forces or “ Breath of Life”. It is the primary Breath, which has nothing to do with our actual lung system, but with the knowledge of a force in the body which contains the original healthy matrix or blue print.

Health and self-healing forces are always accessible when we are willing to be quiet and listen. The spinal techniques of biodynamic work enable one to make contact with these deeper forces and activate self-healing. The client experiences this as arriving, as a pause and letting go of daily life.

Craniosacral Therapy can be applied to newborn infants as well as elderly people;  even in very fragile states or in great pain. The therapist will treat he client with care, respect and neutrality. The various techniques enable the therapist to treat many complaints, e.g. stress-induced illness, acute and chronic pain, problems with the jaws, after an accident, before and after surgery, during pregnancy and birth, for headaches, migraines, spine and joint problems, problems with the sense organs( ear, noise, eye, taste, voice), to strengthen the immune system, for relaxation, for hyperactivity in children, autism, colic, torticollis, to help newborn babies after birth, etc.

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Somatic Experiencing®(SE) from Peter Levine

SE® is a psycho-physiological method for overcoming-post-traumatic disturbances and freeing the life energy which is trapped there.

Peter Levines SE® is based on the premises that overwhelming or unespected incidents which a person is unable to assimilate, lead to an overaction of the nervous system. As with all mammals, the reactions to threat of danger are primarily instinctive. They consist of 3 inborn survival strategies: flight, fight or freeze ( play dead) If a person in a threatening situation is unable to fight or flee. The only alternative is to freeze. If he stays to long in this state, the energy which was called for action cannot be discharged and the high activation of the nervous system remains. This can even lead to symptoms developing years later. These are also known as post traumatic stress reactions. These reactions can be psychological e.g. Depression, fear or panic, as well as physical e.g. exhaustion, chronic pain, insomnia etc. The main part of the therapy is a step gradual discharging of the mobilised frozen energies and the development of resources which where too went or non existant during the original situation. Resources are a means of acquiring security and strength. They are the opposite pole which allow steps to be taken to release the bound energy and the symptoms in an assimilable manner. It is not necessary to re – experience the traumatic situation. The client experiences a physical release through deep breathing, relaxation of the body tension, warmth, improved vision, etc

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Naturopathic Treatments

Autogenic Training (AT)

AT , developed by Prof. Schulz, is a self –help method which can be learned by people of almost any age. His goal is the complete relaxation of the body and a positive influence upon the psyche. This is accomplished by proceeding through 6 steps or levels. The state of relaxation is deepened with the art of spoken “formula” until all of the bodily functions are harmonised. This method enables one to reduce stress. Induced symptoms such as insomnia, high blood pressure, pain, etc. As well as strengthening the organism, relaxation enhances focus, concentration and memory and the whole quality of life. Often only a few minutes are needed to attain deep relaxation. Practicing this method during the day has a noticeable revitalising effect, whereas deep healthy sleep is induced by practising before going to bed.

Reflex Zone Therapy

Throughout the ages, people all over the world have used reflex zone massage to reduce pain and treat other problems. At the start of this century Dr. Fitz  developed Zone Therapy, today renowned as reflex Zone Therapy, from this knowledge.

Reflex Zones reflect the entire picture of the human body in a smaller area. They are found in the outer and inner sides and soles of the feet. As well as in the hands, ears and in  polarity work in the whole body. Pressing certain reflex points influences our organs and emotional or mental state.

  • Reflex Zone Therapy is effective as follows:
  • Harmonize the flow of energy
  • Normalizes the functions of organs and glands
  • Reduces stress
  • Balances stress reactions
  • Activates self-healing
  • Is a preventative measure
  • Improves circulation
  • General for psychosomatic disturbances

Herbal Medicine

Human beings have possessed the knowledge of healing with plants for thousands of years. Plants give promote and uphold life on the planet. A few important names in this area are Hippocrates, Hildegard von Bingen, Kneipp, etc. Over time, the active ingredients of many plants were isolated, analysed and sometimes produced or synthesised industrially. This did not always lead to the best results. Herbal medicine works with the whole plant, as the whole combination of active ingredients is often more effective than isolated. Healing plants contain ingredients such as: alkaloid, tanning agents, saponine, mineral salts, essential oils, vitamins, flavonoids, etc. Each plants contains amounts of each with varying main emphasises. The knowledge of herbs allows on to choose the appropriate plant or plant combination for certain treatments. Herbs are used in preventative health care, as well as for problems or illness. Herbs are used in various ways, such as teas, essences, tinctures, compresses and also as fresh juice of the plants.