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Naturheilverfahren Craniosacrale Therapie Polarity-Therapie Traumaarbeit
NaturopathicT. Craniosacral Polarity Traumatherapy

Stressreduction with Polarity Therapy, a holistic energy medicine, and Trauma Therapy

The Polarity therapy is a holistic treatment procedure, based on western and eastern medicine. It was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890 - 1980). He studied many old eastern healing therapies, searching for an effective and durable healing success. He came to the conclusion, that for a recovery both the body and the soul must be included in the process, so he developed Polarity; techniques working on the musculoskeletal system, the effects of the five elements, etc. It includes also the deep understanding of spirit (thoughts and feelings) and body. Dr. R. Stone called his procedure Polarity to describe the fundamental universal movements of the life principle which operate in this therapy form. People experience Polarity daily, by waking up in the morning, rising, becoming active and going to bed in the evening and rest. We experience it in the change of the seasons, in the day and night rhythm and the tides. People experience it in the change of their feelings, in being cheerful or sad, in love and hate and also in their biological body systems (heart circulation, digestion, respiration).

The vegetative nervous system also consists of two opposite parts. The sympathetic nervous system delivers the necessary energy for activity and the parasympathetic nervous system controls the phases of regeneration and recovery. It is necessary for their health that humans express these opposite poles. Especially nowadays, where the requirements of daily life increase and it gets more difficult to relax. The modern way of life reminds us sometimes of a struggle for survival and is focused mainly on activity and attentiveness. Such a one-sided accentuation affects in the long run the physical ability to adjust and can lead to vegetative disorders, high blood pressure, chronic exhaustion etc.

The somatic trauma therapy (SE®) from Peter Levine is based on the principle, that overwhelming or unexpected events which people are unable to master lead to a lasting hyper-activation of the nervous system. Like all mammals human reactions to threat are primarily instinctive. They contain three innate survival strategies: Fight, flight and the possum reflex (immobility). If humans are unable to fight or flee in a situation, only the opossum reflex remains as a possibility. If they remain in this condition, the energy supplied for the action cannot be discharged and the high activation in the nervous system remains. Symptoms which are called post-trauma stress reactions can develop from this experience even after years. They express themselves in the mental field, as depression, fear or panic and in the physical field as exhaustion, chronic pain, sleeplessness etc. Gradual discharge of the mobilized, frozen energy and the development of resources which were too weak or missing during the situation are a main part of this therapy. Resources work as means of security and invigoration to enable steps for the dissolution of bonded energy and their symptoms in an appropriate way. It is not necessary to experience the traumatic event again.
 People experience this therapy as a release in the body, by deep breathing, release from body tension and spreading warmth, their eyesight improves etc.

Both procedures are very effective by themselves, but particularly in their combination. Through the direct bodywork of Polarity therapy a bridge is created between consciousness and unconsciousness. Events and experiences which are stored in the tissues by the reactions of the nervous system, can become conscious during the contact and express themselves in pictures, feelings etc. Somatic Experiencing techniques support the process of reconciliation and of new integration in a gentle way.

©Rita Sandau, RPP, Traditional healer and bodytherapist